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    more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts

    You are here in Webcat: DIAMOND SYSTEMS/more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts

    Browse the following DIAMOND SYSTEMS models, both new and removed from service carried by Phoenix Trading:
    more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts

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    Part# HECI System Description
    ATHENA-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsII Development Kit Development Kit for the Athena II
    CRYSTAL-MM-HP-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsNRND PRODUCT - Sound Blaster Pro compatible audio module
    DIAMOND-MM-16-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts12 Bit 100KHz Analog I/O Module
    DIAMOND-MM-16-AT-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts16-channel
    DIAMOND-MM-32DX-AT-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsAnalog I/O PC/104 Module with Advanced Automatic Autocalibra
    DIAMOND-MM-32X-AT-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsNRND PRODUCT - Analog I/O PC/104 Module with Advanced Automa
    DIAMOND-MM-48-AT-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsEOL PRODUCT - Autocalibrating 16-ch 16-bit A/D + 8-ch 12-bit
    DIAMOND-MM-AT-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts12-Bit A/D
    DIAMOND-MM-XT-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts12/16-bit Analog I/O PC/104 Module
    EMERALD-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts4x RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Serial Port Module
    EMERALD-MM-8-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts8-Port RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 PC/104 Module
    EMERALD-MM-8P-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts8-Channel
    EMERALD-MM-8PLUS-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsHigh Performance PC/104-Plus 8 Port RS232/422/485 Serial I/O
    EMERALD-MM-DIO-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsQuad RS-232 + 48 Digital I/O
    EMERALD-MM-OPTO-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts2 or 4-Port RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 PC/104 Module
    FLASHDISKS-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsFlashdisk Solid-State Storage - Now up to 4GB capacity!
    GPIO-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsFPGA-Based Counter/Timer + Digital I/O PC/104 Module
    HELIOS-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsDevelopment Kit NEW PRODUCT - Development kit for Helios
    HERCULES-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsII development kit Development kit for the Hercules II
    JANUS-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsDual CAN Ports
    JUPITER-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts50 Watts
    LINUX-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsDevelopment Kit CPU Board and Accessories bundle
    MERCATOR-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsPC/104-Plus Expansion Module with Ethernet and Digital I/O
    ONYX-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsLow Cost 48-Line DIO Module
    ONYX-MM-DIO-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts3 Counter/Timers + 48 DIO + 3 Interrupts
    OPAL-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsIndustrial I/O Module with 8 opto inputs & 8 relay outputs
    PANDORA-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsEnclosure System PC/104 Enclosure System
    PEARL-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsRelay Output PC/104 Module
    POSEIDON-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsDevelopment kit Development kit for poseidon
    PROTO-104-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsPC/104-format prototype board
    QNX-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsDevelopment Kit Convenient way to evaluate the QNX operatin
    RHODEUS-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsLow Power AMD Geode LX800 PC/104 CPU Module with CRT/LCD
    RUBY-MM-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts4/8 Channels 12 Bit Analog Output + 2 DIO
    RUBY-MM-1612-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts16-Channel 12-bit Analog Output PC/104 Module
    RUBY-MM-416-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS parts4 Channel 16-Bit Analog Output + 24 DIO
    STB-104-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsPC/104 Format Screw Terminal Board
    TRITON-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsEnclosure for EPIC SBCs
    WINDOWS-na-more DIAMOND SYSTEMS partsCE.NET Development Kit Licensed CE.NET runtime system with
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