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    more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts

    You are here in Webcat: IEI TECHNOLOGY/more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts

    Browse the following IEI TECHNOLOGY models, both new and removed from service carried by Phoenix Trading:

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    Part# HECI System Description
    2U-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsRack Series 2U Chassis
    4U-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsRack
    A200-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsMini-ITX Motherboard
    A300-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsIntel Pentium M/ Celeron M LPX Mainboard
    ACE-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsATX Series 150-400W ATX Type Power Supplies
    ACE-4518AP-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts180W AC-DC 1U ATX Power Supply
    ACE-540-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts40W AC-DC AT Power Supply
    ACE-643A-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts40W AC-DC AT Power Supply
    ACE-663-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts60W AC Input AT Power Supply
    ACE-710APM-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts100W AC-DC Open Frame ATX Medical Power Supply
    ACE-716-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsRugged AC/DC Input 150W Power Supply
    ACE-723-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsRugged AC/DC Input 230W Power Supply 30A@230V AC
    ACE-818-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts180W AC-DC 1U ATX Medical Power Supply
    ACE-830-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts300W DC24V input 1U ATX Power Supply
    ACE-870-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsAC/DC Input Compact Size 65-70W Power Supply
    ACE-890-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsACE-890 Series 55-90W Power Supply
    ACE-916-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts150W AC-DC 1U AT Power Supply
    ACE-D825-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts252 W FLEX Power Supply
    ACER-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsSeries AC/DC Input Redundant 200-230W Power Supply Module
    ACT-08A-9103-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts8.4in SVGA Intelligent Access Control Terminal Intel Celeron
    ACT-08A-CX2-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts8.4in SVGA Intelligent Access Control Terminal VIA EDEN 1GHz
    AFL-XXA-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsAll-in-One Fanless Panel PC
    AFL-XXB-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsAFOLUX All-in-one Panel PC Family
    AFL-XXC-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts15in XGA Touch Panel PC Intel Core2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz process
    AFL-XXM-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsAFL-07M/08M/12M/15M/17M/19M Industrial TFT LCD Monitor
    AUPS-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsVESA Mount DC UPS Module
    BP-XXS(2/3/D/D2/T/Q)-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsISA Backplane
    COM/ETX-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsExpress
    COMPLETE-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsUnit
    DEX-304-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsCommunication Blade
    DIN-3000-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsDINOBlade Embedded System
    DIN-350-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsDIN Mount Embedded System with NANO SBC
    DM-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsSeries LCD Monitor DM Series
    DSB-915-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsCeleron M 800MHz (zero cache) CPU Blade
    EBC-1000-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsIndustrial 3.5inEmbedded Chassis
    EBC-2100-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsIndustrial Embedded Chassis for EPIC NANO Series
    EBC-3620-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsChassis for Mini-ITX with two expansion slots
    EC-1040-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsIndustrial Rack Mount Panel PC Computer
    ECK-1000-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY parts1U Mini-ITX system with 2 x PCI slots
    ECK-161B-na-more IEI TECHNOLOGY partsIntel Core2 Duo Fanless Embedded System with one PCI slot
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