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    You are here in Webcat: NEWBRIDGE/36120

    Browse the following NEWBRIDGE models, both new and removed from service carried by Phoenix Trading:
    3412, 3500, 3600, 3606, 36060, 36120, 3612M ST, 36150, 36170, 36177, 3620, 3624, 3645, 7470 MSP, 7670, 8230, MAINSTREET EXPRESS, PCI, more NEWBRIDGE parts

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    Part# HECI System Description
    90-1637-01-03-CDEMPBA01MB36120FASTBUS INTCONN
    90-1637-01-03-DDEMPEA01RA36120FASTBUS INTCONN
    90-1638-03-03-GDEIUEAG1AA36120FR REL ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-HDEIUEAG1AB36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-KDEIUEAM1AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-MDEIUEAP1AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-NDEIUEAR1AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-PDEIUEAU1AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-RDEIUEAV1AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-TDEIUEAU1AB36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-UDEIUENW1AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-VDEIUENW1AB36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-WDEIUEN41AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-XDEIUEN71AA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-03-03-ZDEI1BDGAAA36120FR RELAY ENGINE
    90-1638-11-03-CDEIUE901AA36120FR/X25 FRE R3
    90-1638-11-03-DDEI1BBEAAA36120FR/X25 FRE R3
    90-1638-11-03-FDEI1BBJAAA36120FR/X25 FRE R3
    90-1638-15-03DEI1GN0AAA36120FRE CD R4
    90-1651-01DEIUCC01AA36120FASTBUS CASCADE
    90-1651-01-03-BDEIUCCN1AA36120FASTBUS CASCADE
    90-1652-01DEIUD001AA36120FASTBUS BYPASS
    90-1832-01-03-BDEIUBBB1AA36120FASTBUS STP MODULE
    90-1832-01-03-CDEIUBBN1AA36120FASTBUS STP MODULE
    90-2420-01-03-LDEMPFKK1RA36120FRATM PANEL
    90-2420-06-03-ECNMFW59JRA36120FRATM UNIT
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