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    more PROXIM parts

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    Browse the following PROXIM models, both new and removed from service carried by Phoenix Trading:
    more PROXIM parts

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    Part# HECI System Description
    1086-OA24-DC5-na-more PROXIM parts2.4 ghz omni directional ant.
    1086-OA24-DC8-na-more PROXIM parts2.4-2.5 ghz
    1086-OA52-DC8-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    1086-OA54-DC8-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    1086-PA24-9.5-na-more PROXIM parts2.3-2.5 ghz
    1086-PGTL-na-more PROXIM partsCable assembly
    200025A-na-more PROXIM partsVision appliance advanced pkg
    200100-A-na-more PROXIM partsVision appliance advanced pkg
    2400-SA60-14-na-more PROXIM parts2.4 ghz sector antenna
    2454-BSUR-US-WORLD-na-more PROXIM parts2.4 ghz
    2454-QB-US-WORLD-na-more PROXIM partstsunami qb.11 2454-r
    2454-SUA-US-WORLD-na-more PROXIM parts2.4 ghz
    2454-SUR-US-WORLD-na-more PROXIM parts2.4 ghz
    301-52016-H-na-more PROXIM parts16 qam 5.8 ghz ism high band
    301-52016-L-na-more PROXIM parts16 qam 5.8 ghz ism low band
    301-58010-51-na-more PROXIM partsGx idu - specifiy hi or lo
    301-58010-51H0-na-more PROXIM partstsunami.gx 200
    301-58010-51L0-na-more PROXIM partstsunami.gx 200
    3336-A00-360-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    3338-A00-060-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    3338-A00-090-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    3338-A00-120-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    3437-A00-018-na-more PROXIM partsAntenna
    3500-B00-AM0-na-more PROXIM parts3.5 ghz
    3500-S00-AM0-na-more PROXIM parts3.5 ghz
    3500-S00-AM1-na-more PROXIM parts3.5 ghz
    400-75-TNCTNC-na-more PROXIM partsInterface cable
    4301-US-na-more PROXIM partsOrinoco ae
    4954-BSUR-US-na-more PROXIM parts4.9 ghz
    4954-QB-US-na-more PROXIM partstsunami qb.11 4954-r
    4954-SUA-US-na-more PROXIM parts4.9 ghz
    4954-SUR-US-na-more PROXIM parts4.9 ghz
    499-900000-001-na-more PROXIM partsCable assembly
    499-900000-002-na-more PROXIM partsCable assembly
    499-900000-003-na-more PROXIM partsCable assembly
    5012-SUR-US-na-more PROXIM parts5.8 ghz
    5054-BSU-US-na-more PROXIM partstsunami mp.11
    5054-BSUR+SUR-TK-US-na-more PROXIM parts5054-r starter kit
    5054-BSUR-LR-US-na-more PROXIM partstsunami mp.11 5054r-lr
    5054-BSUR-US-na-more PROXIM partstsunami mp.11 5054
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